Sometimes the Best Questions
Are the Ones You Don't Ask.

Tough Questions and Straight Answers
for Living Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

We all love questions and answers because they inspire us and teach us all at once.

Often it is the questions others ask that help us the most.

Sometimes you have questions buried inside that you don’t even know to ask. Or maybe for one reason or another you might hesitate to ask. So when someone else asks that question you get the answer you need easily and without resistance.

In fact, you may even see the answer and how it effects your life more clearly than if you’d asked it yourself.

Then there are questions that you never would have thought to ask. Those answers may stir you to a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of how to make this system work in your own life.

They open doors you didn’t even know existed.

And there is a powerful and abiding comfort that comes in knowing that you’re not the only person who needs that answer.

The connection you make to both the question and the person who asked it can deeply empower you. It can give you strength and resolve against the onslaught of the tests and difficulties we face today and tomorrow.

Because we are not alone.

Others face what we face or worse. And their successes feed our successes until the roaring of outrageous fortune mellows into the purring contentment of joy, victory and celebration.

Yes, we love to hear tough questions and straight answers because it reminds us that we can have anything we want in this life.

That all we have to do is ask and allow the Universe to deliver.

That we are so very, very close to living Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

So close that our success may be only one small step away.

"Hi, I was on your call tonight, and wanted to thank you for answering my question. Surprisingly, I was always someone who took everything that happened and looked for the good in it, but for some reason, I had lost my way. As soon as you mentioned chemicalization, I immediately realized why I lost my job.

I also appreciate the bit about getting out and do "something". It was the kick in the pants I needed as well.

You guys do a wonderful service for others, and I for one truly appreciate.

Whether you realize it or not, your calls are as much group therapy as they are answering questions. I know that just by listening to others having the same problems, and getting the same advice, we can learn to accept our good."

All the best,


We know the Rich Dreams system works. We’ve seen it work time and time again.It works so powerfully and so quickly that you will barely believe your eyes when your good starts pouring in. Maybe all you need are the right questions and answers.

Questions like:

I still wake up every morning with this fear that I’ll never get out of the money bind that I’m in. How can I best deal with this?”

If I give money to others out of desperation, hoping for that ten-fold return, does this negate the ten-fold return?

How will I know when I’ve given up control on a subject or desire?

Is it possible for a person to become financially wealthy without the right conditioning of the subconscious mind?

How do you focus and yet, detach at the same time?

We are renting right now, but I want to attract my own house.

When is thinking big overreaching or being foolish and when is it a help to manifest big?

Tom and Penelope, how often do you write in your notebooks?

If you are not supposed to ask for money, how do you get extra money to pay off debts?

How do I recognize chemicalization, rather than just one more string of bad luck?”?

Can Karma affect the manifestation of our desires?

I know what I want for myself I must want for others, but how can I do that when I’m dealing with those who are outrightly stealing ideas from me?”

Why can’t I break through all of the problems I am going through now?

How does one deal with when his or her spouse refuses to pay a tithe?

I would like to know if I can gift uncollectible debts and get Divine credit for them?

How do I attract educational material on the Law of Attraction, when I’m not doing the greatest job of putting the law to work in the first place?

Could you elaborate on this issue of tithing to causes or programs that you feel are really important?

We hear often, in order to get something, we must be willing to do anything to get it. Yet if we are truly unlimited beings, why should we be expected to sacrifice something to get something dear to our hearts?

I would like to know what I can do to help me get out of debt and prevent me going bankrupt.

Is it a journey of fulfillment or does fulfillment come in one go?

How is it possible to have faith, release, relax and allow prosperity when all that has happened since I read your book, is that I lost my job, my savings is pretty much gone and I’m starting to get worried about what to do?

Why is it once you buy an excellent system such as ‘Rich Dreams,’ and it’s communicated that this is it, that you have finally arrived. Then, you find out later that there are new systems that these authors have found that you should also get, to achieve success?

The original teleseminar went over two hours. Maybe you were there. Wasn’t it amazing! We absolutely loved the experience.

Tom and Penelope were ablaze with energy. And the answers…the answers rang with a truth and clarity that calls from a higher place. This is one of those sessions that you don’t want to miss at any price.

The call was full, so some of you did miss it. In fact, we fell off once and had a hard time getting back on ourselves.

You’ll love this transcribed ebook. You’ll read it again and again.

But you’ll love this even more. We are offering you this amazing No Holds Barred Q&A, for only $29.

That’s it. No bonuses, no frills. Just straight answers to tough questions. The kind that can change and empower your life forever.

Don’t wait. You could be missing the question and the answer that opens the door to more success and happiness than you could ever imagine.

That’s your success and your happiness we’re talking about.

Act now! Time’s a wasting.

Good Luck & Great Adventures

Tom & Penelope

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